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Sonic is a Lego and Minecraft aficionado. At 10 years old he is currently our youngest blogger but already an expert at climbing and sneaking snacks from the top of the refrigerator.

Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Waterpark and Hotel

My experience at the Great Wolf Lodge started when my parents said that we had to go to Costco, as my brother and me are regular kids we just started to complain. We started to moan and ask why we had to go. It was the start of summer so it was super hot.Then my mom and dad said,”Hey what’s that building?” There was a big building with a picture of a wolf’s paw. “We should check it out.” my dad said. We both moaned, ”Uh, do really do we have to…”

When we entered the place it was a indoor water park! There was pools, slides, and water playgrounds. Then the surprise came, my Mom got us tickets to the waterpark and to stay overnight in the hotel! Mom fooled us for a big surprise!

There was a couple of of small slides, first there was a water racing one, where four people will race going down on a pad going down a long slide. Second there was one where the will lock you in a pod and send you down!

There was a big pool which produces artificial waves! Second was a big water playground which had 3 small slides. Third was a small playground for small kids and babies. The Big slides could makes you go in a raft. The Yellow one make you go in a sideways whirlpool. The Blue one makes you go in a regular whirlpool. The Red one makes you go in circles outside.

That’s my Experience at the Great Wolf Lodge. I had a super fun time. I want to go there again!

Laser Tag at Thrill it Fun Center

The Thrill it Fun Center, is a fun place to go with your family there are 6 games or things to do. You have to go during these hours, Monday-Thursday: at 10:00 am Close at 9:00 pm, Friday & Saturday:at 10:00 am Close at 11:00 pm, and Sunday: at 10:00 am Close at 8:00 pm. The pricing are $12 for all day in Ballocity, $7 for bull rideo, $7 for rock climbing, $9 for area 51 laser tag, $9 for high ropes challenge, $1=1 arcade buck.

My favorite was the laser tag because there are teams and it has a second story places others don’t have them.The laser tag can tire you out as there is 15 min to play whose team has the most score. The laser tag gun is attached to the vest you must shoot shoulders, back, and chest. It is kind of crazy if you have more then 4 on each team. When you are shot you have to wait five seconds to get your gun ready again. You cannot run cause the floor is very slimy. My second favorite is the ballocity because it has many obstacle courses and three stories!

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Big Air Trampoline Park

Big Air is a fun place to go with your family. You have to sign a waiver first. The second step is to get an admission sticker, I suggest the membership if you like it there. The third step is to have fun. You have to take off your shoe and have socks.

There are 3 dodge ball courts: 2 are for the big kids and 1 area for the small kids. There is a place where you just jump into a foam pit or do flips into it. The other is when you battle a person with foam sticks the loser falls down below into the foam pit. There is a bull ride where you have to last 30 seconds, but it is really difficult.

There is a open area where you can jump around anywhere and do parkour, but there is a time limit where you can only stay around 10 minutes. There is a small basketball place where you can jump and do a slam dunk or jump and shoot it. Lastly there is a place you can run and jump on the walls. There is a rock climbing place where you can climb to the other side, but if you fail you will fall into the foam pits below…easier said then done.

My favorite is the dodge ball court and the place where you jump into a foam pit. I don’t like the rock climbing because it is very difficult for me. After you went to Big Air think of your experience there and tell us what was your favorite thing to do there.

More info about Big Air Buena Park

Kid’s Blog: Visiting the Statue of Liberty

We went from my friend’s house in Long Island to the Statue of Liberty. First, we walked to the train station. Second, we took the subway to downtown New York. Then we bought our tickets and boarded the ferry.

View of New York from Liberty Island
View of New York from Liberty Island

We rode the ferry to Liberty Island and went on an audio tour. We took lots of pictures and after that we went back to the ferry to Ellis Island and went back to downtown.

I thought the statue was kind of small, but the view of the city was awesome. They made fresh squeezed lemonade on the island and I got a limited edition New York Coke bottle. We didn’t get to make it up to the crown or pedestal because they were sold out, so make sure you reserve months in advance.

We made it to the Statue of Liberty
We made it to the Statue of Liberty

I think it was awesome maybe you might go there too!

Kid’s Blog: Fourth of July Celebration and Fun!

Do you know what July 4 is really about? It is a birthday party for America because the Revolutionary war is when we became the United States of America. That is when we were a free country that is why we celebrate July 4. This is the day people do fireworks and when we have fun.

We celebrated July 4 with fireworks. Me and my brother lit the the second biggest fireworks called Independence Day. We played with sparklers, fireworks, and poppers. Here are 3 tips to be safe using fireworks: 1) have an adult watch you, 2) light the fuse at the tip, and 3) run for cover.

Yesterday we had a lot of fun, and next year America will be 240 years old. I hope you had a fun July 4th too!