Big Air Trampoline Park

Big Air is a fun place to go with your family. You have to sign a waiver first. The second step is to get an admission sticker, I suggest the membership if you like it there. The third step is to have fun. You have to take off your shoe and have socks.

There are 3 dodge ball courts: 2 are for the big kids and 1 area for the small kids. There is a place where you just jump into a foam pit or do flips into it. The other is when you battle a person with foam sticks the loser falls down below into the foam pit. There is a bull ride where you have to last 30 seconds, but it is really difficult.

There is a open area where you can jump around anywhere and do parkour, but there is a time limit where you can only stay around 10 minutes. There is a small basketball place where you can jump and do a slam dunk or jump and shoot it. Lastly there is a place you can run and jump on the walls. There is a rock climbing place where you can climb to the other side, but if you fail you will fall into the foam pits below…easier said then done.

My favorite is the dodge ball court and the place where you jump into a foam pit. I don’t like the rock climbing because it is very difficult for me. After you went to Big Air think of your experience there and tell us what was your favorite thing to do there.

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