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Disneyland Grand Californian Hotel and the Rise of the Resistance

Located in Downtown Disney is the Grand Californian Hotel and Spa, though the price is hefty you are paying for the location and walking access to Disneyland and California Adventures. The hotel itself is themed after California redwood forest with hints of Disney character inspired Chip and Dale. The pool is one of the highlights of the property with spacious pools and a waterslide as well as complimentary life jackets for kids.

One of the newest rides at Disneyland is the Star Wars based Rise of the Resistance located at the Galaxy’s Edge. It is a technological innovations with its trackless platform and merging of video displays, animatronics, and special effects. The entire experience has you traveling from one Star Wars world to another and so much fun many consider it the best ride at Disneyland.
Note: Must download and sign up for the virtual queue precisely at 7am the day of your visit.

Another new ride highlight is the Smuggler’s Run which is a virtual simulation and interactivity that allows your group to pilot and ride along the Millennium Falcon.

But along with the new rides, enjoy the classic roller coasters like Big Thunder Mountain and the Matterhorn.

SeaWorld Worth the Trip

Over the summer took my kids to SeaWorld in San Diego and it was a blast. So many interactive shows and exhibits, my kids really enjoyed feeding the batrays, seals, and flamingos. There is an additional cost to purchase the food. The shows were great as well including the Orca Encounters show and Dolphin Days show that will get you soaked if you are sitting in the soak zone.

Other shows include the Sealion and Otter comedy show which was funny and entertaining, but this past summer they had the Cirque Electrique show that was amazing. Only showing at night, these acts performed in the amphitheater that faced the bay and the performers had incredible circus stunts over the water.

Tips: We purchased the weekday ticket to save money and avoid the crowds. We also got the All You Can Eat dining pass, which allows you to get an entree, dessert, and drink once every hour.

Great Wolf Lodge Indoor Waterpark and Hotel

My experience at the Great Wolf Lodge started when my parents said that we had to go to Costco, as my brother and me are regular kids we just started to complain. We started to moan and ask why we had to go. It was the start of summer so it was super hot.Then my mom and dad said,”Hey what’s that building?” There was a big building with a picture of a wolf’s paw. “We should check it out.” my dad said. We both moaned, ”Uh, do really do we have to…”

When we entered the place it was a indoor water park! There was pools, slides, and water playgrounds. Then the surprise came, my Mom got us tickets to the waterpark and to stay overnight in the hotel! Mom fooled us for a big surprise!

There was a couple of of small slides, first there was a water racing one, where four people will race going down on a pad going down a long slide. Second there was one where the will lock you in a pod and send you down!

There was a big pool which produces artificial waves! Second was a big water playground which had 3 small slides. Third was a small playground for small kids and babies. The Big slides could makes you go in a raft. The Yellow one make you go in a sideways whirlpool. The Blue one makes you go in a regular whirlpool. The Red one makes you go in circles outside.

That’s my Experience at the Great Wolf Lodge. I had a super fun time. I want to go there again!

Aquarium of the Pacific Membership

If you live in Southern California, the Aquarium of the Pacific inn Long Beach has to be one of the best deals for your family. The annual membership pass gives you plenty of time to enjoy all that the Aquarium offers throughout the year. Their exhibits ranges from Sharks, Sealions, Otters, Penguins, Rays, and so much more. We have been members for numerous years and they often offer exclusive member events like Adult Prom which is a dress up evening event for Adults only.

Tip: Lorikeet birds cost an additional fee, but if you go at 10am when that part of the exhibit opens, you will be swarmed by flocks of hungry Lorikeet parakeets. Fun and a little bit scary…enjoy!

Redondo Beach Boat Tour

Had a chance to take the kids on a boat tour at the Redondo Beach pier with a windows on the bottom level that gives an underwater view. The tour costs $15/adult and $10/children and last about 40 minutes in the harbor.

First they will feed the fish from above and draw the fish to the viewing area which you can watch from below the deck. The tour continues through the harbor to an up-close look at the sea lion dock and you can watch them play/fight and bark at each other. Overall a good experience and would recommend this as a quick tour that doesn’t require too much planning or time commitment.

Check out the Looking Glass Semi-Submarine

Kids’ Blog: Los Angeles Zoo Experience

The Los Angeles zoo is a great place to boost your kid’s happiness. Surprise your son by going to the reptile exhibit or surprise your daughter with the Gray seal exhibit. Or give yourself a boost.

The only thing you should worry about is the traffic. I recommend leaving 10:00 AM or sooner. If you live farther away then I recommend 9:00 AM. So remember to come to the zoo early.

If you live in California then I recommend one of the memberships. If you have a family then try the Family Membership which costs about $126. With the family membership you can grab discounts and get free 2 day guest passes. So you can grab a friend or a relative to come with you.

I would recommend visiting the African Alligator they have. The only sad thing about this alligator was it doesn’t move much. My favorite exhibit was the reptile exhibit, called the Lair. Watch for the snakes, they look really cool. One animal surprised me though it was a funny looking turtle.

One of my favorite parts was the petting zoo where I got to pet the animals. Be careful, do not make them get mad or else they could bite or attack. Also, remember to not step on their poo or pee. It’s disgusting!

My favorite part is when I get to spend family-time with my family. And don’t forget, as your leaving the zoo visit the alligator again to see how much he had moved since you came to the zoo.

Parent Note: We went around noon time and the traffic was jammed. Took over an hour to find parking which is why the Author is suggesting you go early morning. Also, I think early morning animals will likely be more active.

Lego Travel Adventures is Worth the Visit at Discovery Cube

The Discovery museum  in Orange County is a fantastic place to get a family membership to keep the kids entertained.  They have new exhibits every 2-3 months and definitely worth considering the membership.  As with most kid-crazy place you want to get there early in the morning to avoid parking and crowd headaches.

Currently they have a Lego Travel Adventures exhibit that runs through May 2, and if your kids need to get their Lego fix, or secretly you need a Lego fix, this is a average size exhibit that will eat up about 30-45 min of your visit.  The theme is traveling and most of the displays are of popular transportation methods set across different cities throughout America.

Lego by land, sea, and air

There are a couple of interactive areas where you can build cars and race them down a track similar to what is found outside many Lego stores.  These however, use Duplo blocks so they are bigger and more friendly to younger audience.  Most of the other Lego displays are mainly used for photo opportunities.

The rest of the time can be spent exploring the myriad of learning and discovery exhibits and can take hours of your time. My kids really enjoy the upstairs grocery shopping experience and the recycling contest. The Dino discovery outdoors is decent but you will need to pay an additional fee.  We go every couple of months so I like to spend about 2-3 hours there and then head home with plenty of time left in the day for myself or the fam.

Tip: Construction is still in progress as they are expanding and parking lot is limited. Save yourself some time and money and just park at the Santa Ana mall across the street and walk over.