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Unboxing Star Wars Millenium Falcon Drone from Airhogs

Watch the kids unbox and play with their first drone. This is especially a good choice, not just because they are Star Wars fans, but it is a great entry level drone that is made of foam and handles crashes well as your kids learn to operate it. Also, the propellors are well shielded around the sides to prevent most injuries from occurring. Just don’t be sticking your fingers in there or getting your hair caught so always be cautious.

Re-create the Lego Star Wars Hoth Battle Scene

Kids have an amazing imagination when they play with their toys. Create a short movie scene with their favorite toys which is much easier today with the help of smartphones and the various video apps available today.

We created our favorite scene from Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back with my son’s Lego sets and added our own special touch. Using our iPhone and with the help of the Action Movie FX and Videorama apps, we had a blast playing together and creating memories we can share and watch over the years.

Creativity with Thomas the Tank Engine


My sister’s kids had out grown there Thomas the Tank Engine wooden train set and have passed it on to me for my kids. I never had a chance to play with these growing up, but my youngest son at the age of 2-3 at the time was immediately drawn to it. Initially he would build simple configurations, but as we began to add more pieces he would build more interesting formations.

It was great to see him develop, everyday I would come home from work and he would have a new layout with some creative solutions. I can clearly see his problem solving and even engineering skills develop. This was at an age when Lego pieces were too small for him as he did get a piece stuck up his nose once before. So one way to stimulate your young child’s mind can be with Thomas the Tank engine wooden train sets.

Tip: Definitely get the wooden sets for your kid. They cost more but the quality and compatibility will get more uses out of it. Many of the Thomas plastic set toys utilize smaller trains/tracks and are not always compatible with different sets.