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Everybody loves Mermaids!

Seems everyone loves Mermaids. While in Las Vegas you can swing by the Silverton Casino where there aquarium features a free live mermaid showing at specified times throughout the day. While swimming they interact with the children and audience making heart bubbles and other fun tricks. Also they have the Bass Pro Shop adjacent to the aquarium so it is a great way to keep the kids busy in Vegas on a budget.

Re-create the Lego Star Wars Hoth Battle Scene

Kids have an amazing imagination when they play with their toys. Create a short movie scene with their favorite toys which is much easier today with the help of smartphones and the various video apps available today.

We created our favorite scene from Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back with my son’s Lego sets and added our own special touch. Using our iPhone and with the help of the Action Movie FX and Videorama apps, we had a blast playing together and creating memories we can share and watch over the years.

Kid’s Blog: Avengers Age of Ultron Review

The Avengers: Age of Ultron the movie was an absolutely great movie. I liked the humor which was fairly enough and the action was full of excitement. The previous Avenger’s movie had lots of action, but it didn’t have enough plot and excitement while this movie had an equal balance.

Not to spoil but I will give you a hint an unexpected character joins the Avenger team to help battle against the evil Ultron. My favorite part was when they talked about Thor’s hammer. There was a hilarious part when they talked about worthiness and the elevator before Ultron showed himself.

My favorite character is Iron Man especially when he gets in his Hulk-Buster armor. There wasn’t much new characters but they made the battle fair and unpredictable. My favorite character was the special character that came in the end. There was a couple of characters added like the Scarlet Witch and her brother, Quicksilver. They also brought back some characters from other Marvel movies.

I got to admit there is one thing weird though like Ultron’s face on how its mouth move looks like a human mouth’s movement instead of an actual robot. I also didn’t like in the final battle, some of the dialogue between Ultron and an Avenger member was just unnecessary.

I would recommend watching with kids that are 8+ or older. Kids at age 8 might still get nightmares. It is really fun to watch and I believe it is appropriate to all 8 or above. If I had to give it a rating it would be a 4 1/2 Stars out of 5.

Llama Chase Set to Yakety Saks

How do you explain the hilarity of the Llama chase to your kids? Easy, watch this video set to the famous “Yakety Saks” music that will entertain you and your bored family. We find watching together in the living room is great “family-time” and allows us to have a shared experience. So hookup that Smart TV, Xbox, Chromecast, etc and watch this clip on your big screen. Run free Llamas!!!