Laser Tag at Thrill it Fun Center

The Thrill it Fun Center, is a fun place to go with your family there are 6 games or things to do. You have to go during these hours, Monday-Thursday: at 10:00 am Close at 9:00 pm, Friday & Saturday:at 10:00 am Close at 11:00 pm, and Sunday: at 10:00 am Close at 8:00 pm. The pricing are $12 for all day in Ballocity, $7 for bull rideo, $7 for rock climbing, $9 for area 51 laser tag, $9 for high ropes challenge, $1=1 arcade buck.

My favorite was the laser tag because there are teams and it has a second story places others don’t have them.The laser tag can tire you out as there is 15 min to play whose team has the most score. The laser tag gun is attached to the vest you must shoot shoulders, back, and chest. It is kind of crazy if you have more then 4 on each team. When you are shot you have to wait five seconds to get your gun ready again. You cannot run cause the floor is very slimy. My second favorite is the ballocity because it has many obstacle courses and three stories!

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