Kid’s Blog: The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is very educational for kids and good exercise for your family. The wall is thousands of miles long but I recommend walking 2-4 miles when visiting. We visited the Mutianyu location here. The souvenirs we bought there were awesome because it was a wooden sword that I could battle with my brother.

There is a fun entrance and exit. The entrance is a ski lift that is kind of scary but also very exciting. The view has beautiful trees and mountains to look at and admire. Remember do not wear Crocs because mine almost fell off on the way up.

The exit is fun too because you can ride on a “cart slide” called a Toboggan down the mountainside. Please be careful because you can crash if you go too fast. I recommend having adults with you if you are under 12 years old and use the double-seater. For older kids and adults you can use the single-seater.

Everything at the Great Wall of China was very magnificent. There are many old buildings and towers there to explore. I also saw some cannons too which were used hundreds of years ago to defend against the Mongolians. My favorite part was the Toboggan and I wish I could ride it again.

Battle on the Great Wall

Tips: Be warned there are many bugs. Most of them you can’t see and may attack you. So bring bug spray just in case of mosquitoes and other insects.

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Llama Chase Set to Yakety Saks

How do you explain the hilarity of the Llama chase to your kids? Easy, watch this video set to the famous “Yakety Saks” music that will entertain you and your bored family. We find watching together in the living room is great “family-time” and allows us to have a shared experience. So hookup that Smart TV, Xbox, Chromecast, etc and watch this clip on your big screen. Run free Llamas!!!

Kids’ Blog: Los Angeles Zoo Experience

The Los Angeles zoo is a great place to boost your kid’s happiness. Surprise your son by going to the reptile exhibit or surprise your daughter with the Gray seal exhibit. Or give yourself a boost.

The only thing you should worry about is the traffic. I recommend leaving 10:00 AM or sooner. If you live farther away then I recommend 9:00 AM. So remember to come to the zoo early.

If you live in California then I recommend one of the memberships. If you have a family then try the Family Membership which costs about $126. With the family membership you can grab discounts and get free 2 day guest passes. So you can grab a friend or a relative to come with you.

I would recommend visiting the African Alligator they have. The only sad thing about this alligator was it doesn’t move much. My favorite exhibit was the reptile exhibit, called the Lair. Watch for the snakes, they look really cool. One animal surprised me though it was a funny looking turtle.

One of my favorite parts was the petting zoo where I got to pet the animals. Be careful, do not make them get mad or else they could bite or attack. Also, remember to not step on their poo or pee. It’s disgusting!

My favorite part is when I get to spend family-time with my family. And don’t forget, as your leaving the zoo visit the alligator again to see how much he had moved since you came to the zoo.

Parent Note: We went around noon time and the traffic was jammed. Took over an hour to find parking which is why the Author is suggesting you go early morning. Also, I think early morning animals will likely be more active.