Kid’s Blog: The Love of Hermit Crabs

I love that my Hermit Crabs are great pets. They are really nice to look at and study. Hermit Crabs are found to be really active at night. This information is gathered from my 3 hermit crab helpers Jaws, Rosie, and Newbie. This is dedicated to Jaws who just recently passed away, he was a loving pet and my favorite hermit crab.

Hermit Crabs may not be active if they are new. Try to get Hermit Crabs that are about the same size so they don’t bully each other. There is one thing that you have to beware of is when they change shells they may fight for the same shell. So try to get shells that are similar so they can each have a new home.

Hermit Crabs are great climbers when they get active. I recommend buying plastic plants and sticks for your hermit crabs to climb. You need plastic plants because they may eat the real ones and you don’t want that. I don’t recommend rocks that are smooth because they won’t be able to climb it but you can put some smooth rocks in to stop them from digging a certain area.

Even though the hermit crabs have shells, they still need shelter to hide. I recommend getting a small cave or a dome shape home that can fit a hermit crab. You can even make them a homemade home with Legos or any building blocks. Remember they can also climb on top of their homes for more climbing space.

Taking care of a hermit crab teaches me responsibility and how to care for others. For instance on normal weekends, it is easy because all I have to do is change the food, change the water, give my hermit crabs a bath and then I’m done. On other weekends, it gets hard when we have to change the dirt and sand in the tank. I recommend changing the water when it gets very sandy as well. The reason it is sandy is because when the hermit crabs go into the water to drink it brings sand with them.

Tip: If the Hermit Crabs are shedding their skin leave them alone. Unless another hermit crab is attacking it then move the hermit crab away from the shedding hermit crab as they are vulnerable.

Hermit Crab

8 thoughts on “Kid’s Blog: The Love of Hermit Crabs”

  1. I loved reading your blog, Ace! You’re an excellent writer and caretaker. 🙂 Owning a pet has definitely taught you how to care for others.. You gave great details and suggestions that will be beneficial to know. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us 🙂

  2. Hey Ace, I love that you took the time to write about your hermit crabs and that you took note the of their behavior. I am sorry to read that Jaws passed away… They become a part of your family and they mean that much more to you as the days pass… Take heart in knowing you gave him a good life!

    Now I have a question… How did you take interest in hermit crabs?

  3. This is joey I’m very sorry about Jaws. I hope that all of your other hermit crabs live a long life. This is very good writing my mom wants me to write like you so she may make a blog so I can post stuff. Thanks for inspiring me too write like you. I don’t care what your teacher says you are the best writing I have ever seen.

  4. It’s always sad when a pet passes away. At least you gave your pet a good life. It sounds like you take very good care of your pets, so keep up the good work. You will always have your good memories of Jaws.

    I would also like to read about hermit crab diet and nutrition. You have done a good job writting about cleaning a hermit crab’s habitat and the pros and cons of different kinds of decorations. You could also research about optimal temperature and humidity.

  5. Sorry to hear about jaws : ( i had 2 hermit crabs before and i know how sad i felt too when they died… I would love to read an article all about hermit crab nutrition and what to feed and what not to feed, if that is something you would be interested in writing about. If i decide to get hermit crabs again you would save me some time researching : )

  6. Hey, thanks for the information about hermit crabs. One time I saw someone selling them in the mall with these colorfully decorated shells. They seemed like a lot of fun.
    Sorry about Jaws!

  7. Great writing Ace! I love reading your blog. It’s interesting…I’m learning a lot from you. Keep it up!!!
    Sorry to hear about Jaws.

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