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Porto’s Opening in Buena Park

Orange County has it’s very own Porto’s now in the city of Buena Park located on Beach Blvd next door to Medieval Times attraction. This Southern California bakery has drawn crowds and fans flocking from all over for their Cuban food and bakery. Time after time they delivery with food quality but depending on the time of day, lines can get very long so plan accordingly.

Some of our favorite recommendations are the Fruit Tart cake, Seafood Potato Balls, and Guava Cheese Strudels. If you are looking for more of a meal, try their Grilled steak plate with rice and beans.

Pancake Panda

Weekend mornings are a great time to cook with the family. For breakfast you can cook and decorate your own pancakes which can be creative and fun with the kids. Simply get a couple of bottles with nozzle tips that can be found in most bakery or cooking department.

Make your pancake mix and fill 1 bottle with normal pancake mix. The 2nd bottle I like to mix in hot chocolate powder and this will become a darker batter that you can use to outline your drawing. Use the lighter/normal pancake mix to fill in your design. You’ll find that your kids will enjoy both making and eating their breakfast, but make sure there is always an adult supervising when cooking with hot food.

It’s a great way to start the day and please share pictures of your pancake designs.

Panda Pancake