Waterfront Park on San Diego

During our visit to San Diego, we walked around the streets and discovered this great playground for the kids. Located adjacent to the ocean it is fun and free way to let your kids be themselves. Playground with unique slides and wall climbing but on hot and sunny days, which is pretty much year round, they can stay cool in the shallow water play yard.

We stayed at the Homewood Suites which is walking distance and perfect for families. These suites have separate area for a living room and where the kids can watch their TV shows separate from the parents. Kitchen with all the necessities is also provided if you wanted to save money and provide your own food. It is located just a block from Little Italy which gives you so many dining options.

Laser Tag at Thrill it Fun Center

The Thrill it Fun Center, is a fun place to go with your family there are 6 games or things to do. You have to go during these hours, Monday-Thursday: at 10:00 am Close at 9:00 pm, Friday & Saturday:at 10:00 am Close at 11:00 pm, and Sunday: at 10:00 am Close at 8:00 pm. The pricing are $12 for all day in Ballocity, $7 for bull rideo, $7 for rock climbing, $9 for area 51 laser tag, $9 for high ropes challenge, $1=1 arcade buck.

My favorite was the laser tag because there are teams and it has a second story places others don’t have them.The laser tag can tire you out as there is 15 min to play whose team has the most score. The laser tag gun is attached to the vest you must shoot shoulders, back, and chest. It is kind of crazy if you have more then 4 on each team. When you are shot you have to wait five seconds to get your gun ready again. You cannot run cause the floor is very slimy. My second favorite is the ballocity because it has many obstacle courses and three stories!

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Big Air Trampoline Park

Big Air is a fun place to go with your family. You have to sign a waiver first. The second step is to get an admission sticker, I suggest the membership if you like it there. The third step is to have fun. You have to take off your shoe and have socks.

There are 3 dodge ball courts: 2 are for the big kids and 1 area for the small kids. There is a place where you just jump into a foam pit or do flips into it. The other is when you battle a person with foam sticks the loser falls down below into the foam pit. There is a bull ride where you have to last 30 seconds, but it is really difficult.

There is a open area where you can jump around anywhere and do parkour, but there is a time limit where you can only stay around 10 minutes. There is a small basketball place where you can jump and do a slam dunk or jump and shoot it. Lastly there is a place you can run and jump on the walls. There is a rock climbing place where you can climb to the other side, but if you fail you will fall into the foam pits below…easier said then done.

My favorite is the dodge ball court and the place where you jump into a foam pit. I don’t like the rock climbing because it is very difficult for me. After you went to Big Air think of your experience there and tell us what was your favorite thing to do there.

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The Westin Lake Las Vegas Review

Most people come to Las Vegas for the bright lights and fast paced action at the casinos. However, for those with families and kids, sometimes you want to get away from the busy city life and relax a bit. We recently stayed at the Westin Lake Las Vegas hotel in Henderson, NV and it provided a more resort-like feel as opposed to the typical casino hotels you find on the strip.

Located adjacent to Lake Las Vegas there is an amazing view of the lake from the property. With multiple swimming pools, the lower pool tends to be more kid oriented with a 3 story water slide. A big perk if you are staying at the hotel is they provide free kayak rentals that you can choose to stay within the bay or venture out onto the open lake. During the summer time on weekends, they also offer a movie night which they project a kids movie on a giant screen and the families could swim and watch at the same time.

There are so many activities to keep the kids busy which includes a basketball court, ping pong tables, giant checkers and chess set and more. Remember, the busier the kids are the more the parents can chill and relax. Though they have a restaurant out by the pool that you can order food and drinks from, there are a couple of nice restaurants located inside the hotel that provide finer dining as well.

Overall the facilities and views are gorgeous. Some rooms can be a little dated but it is the amenities and activities that keep you wanting to stay longer. After all that time relaxing, if you choose to head over to the Strip, it is just a 20 minute drive away from the glitz and the glamour.

More info: The Westin Lake Las Vegas

Pokemon Go Adventures at Huntington Library and Gardens

Pokemon Go is a virtual reality game, on Pokemon of course, and I really recommend to play at Huntington Library not only because of the beautiful scenery, but because of the tons of Pokemon there. Recently I downloaded Pokemon Go mostly because of my cousin, who told me all about it. The next day I went to Huntington Library where we caught a bunch of Pokemon. It’s a great place to activate “Incense” to lure Pokemon. There is Pokemon everywhere, so running out of of PokeBalls may be of a situation so remember to go to PokeStops. We could not go everywhere due to the long walks so I recommend to visit mostly the two gardens, the Japanese Garden and the Chinese Garden.

This is a very basic tutorial on Pokemon Go!

PokeBalls – ball which to capture and hold PokeBall, has a limited amount, to get more visit a PokeStop.

PokeStop – an icon to represent a type of grand or even small memorial part of a place, this icon if near enough you can spin it and it gives off random items for use such as Pokemon Eggs, Revives, Incense, Potions, and PokeBalls.

Incense – an item used to attract Pokemon to you for 30 minutes.

Revives and Potions – used to heal fainted Pokemon to half it’s health and used to heal partial health.

Pokemon Eggs – are Pokemon Eggs gained from PokeStops or bought from the shop, and can hatch by walking a given amount of kilometers. The more kilometers needed to hatch the more rare the Pokemon.


  • Do not use Battery Saver
  • Try travel as far as possible
  • Hatch the most rarest eggs first
  • Do not spend real Money, keep it REAL!
  • Be aware of your surroundings or your Pokemon Adventure will end quickly
  • Try to not waste any PokeBalls
  • Look for Pokemon with strong attacks and high Combat Power(CP)
  • Try different regions for different types of Pokemon
  • To find a lot of Pokemon go to parks

Directions to Huntington Library

Unboxing Star Wars Millenium Falcon Drone from Airhogs

Watch the kids unbox and play with their first drone. This is especially a good choice, not just because they are Star Wars fans, but it is a great entry level drone that is made of foam and handles crashes well as your kids learn to operate it. Also, the propellors are well shielded around the sides to prevent most injuries from occurring. Just don’t be sticking your fingers in there or getting your hair caught so always be cautious.

Re-create the Lego Star Wars Hoth Battle Scene

Kids have an amazing imagination when they play with their toys. Create a short movie scene with their favorite toys which is much easier today with the help of smartphones and the various video apps available today.

We created our favorite scene from Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back with my son’s Lego sets and added our own special touch. Using our iPhone and with the help of the Action Movie FX and Videorama apps, we had a blast playing together and creating memories we can share and watch over the years.