Bonelli Park and Puddingstone Lake

As a child my parents had taken me to Bonelli park and Puddingstone lake a couple of times. I had a chance to take my kids there recently and there was some good and some bad. First we went there to see how the fishing would be, though they had fishing docks it wasn’t a good sign when we noticed signs posted that said do not eat the fish as they are not safe to eat…ewww.

However, we were able to spend the rest of the morning exploring the wonderful hikes they have in the hills alongside and within the park territories. We took a short hike up the top of the hill with a gorgeous view of Puddingstone lake. Horseriding rentals are also nearby for longer trails around the surrounding mountainside.

For the kids, the playgrounds were impressive, they had a variety of them for different age levels and interaction. An interesting one was a playground that featured rope bridges that kids can traverse across or climb with playground-like bouldering.

There is a $10 entrance fee at the gates. They no longer offer boat or jet skis rentals on site, but they do allow you to bring your own watercraft for a launching fee. In the summer, a part of the lake is open for beach swimming but it can get extremely crowded.

Tip: Go early and avoid the crowds during the summer times. Even if you choose not to walk the mountain trails, the park is huge and offer nice walking/jogging along the lake that is flat and easily accessible.

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